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So, you know that Jesus Christ is the hope of every teenager. But how do you make a difference at your school? Cru High School Coaching Center is here to help! Whether you want to learn more about sharing the Good News of Christ, starting a campus outreach, or helping students grow, we are eager to serve. We exist to provide you with the tools, training, resources, and encouragement you need.

The coaches who serve with Cru High School's Coaching Center desire to come alongside people who want to grow stronger in their walk with God and learn how they can make a difference for Christ among students, the school and the community. We educate, train, and resource people on an ongoing basis so they can begin or further develop a ministry to their local school.

The information on our website,, is available to help you reach your campus. It is brought to you by the Campus Alliance, with over 60 different youth organizations focused on one objective: to communicate the love and forgiveness of Christ to every teenager in America.  The information is designed to help you keep things simple, guiding you through each step.  If you have a question about a resource or you want to offer a suggestion, please let us know. Your input could make this site better for every user, helping them to reach more students. So we’d love to hear from you at 877-gocampus.

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In order to provide free consulting, resources and training to the 1,000?s of students and lay people who call us, The Coaching Center is dependent upon the financial support of those who share in the vision of reaching every teen with the gospel. If you support the work of the Coaching Center and are looking for a way to get involved, we ask you to prayerfully consider joining our ministry as a financial partner. Two options for giving exist; including special gifts or monthly. Non-cash gifts are also an option.

Cru High School's Coaching Center is a branch of (Cru) Campus Crusade for Christ.  So, as the Lord leads you, please make your gift out to Campus Crusade for Christ or Cru. All gifts are tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt for your records showing your gift to The Coaching Center. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

Register your interest in reaching your school: Coaches are standing by to serve you as you begin or expand an outreach to students on your local high school or middle school. Free resources, expertise and encouragement are just a step away. Three easy options:
Cru High School/The Coaching Center
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