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Evaluating the Ministry

A Look at Your Campus

  • How many students are in your school?
  • How many different ethnic groups are at your school?
  • How many different groups are on campus (drama, sports, music, gothic, etc…)
  • What is the average income level of the community?


  • What were our goals for this year?
  • How did we accomplish those goals?


  • How many students were influenced by the ministry?
  • How many students have come to know Christ this year?
  • How many students are being discipled?
  • How many students are walking closer to God as compared to the beginning of the school year?

Leaders or Followers?

  • Are we developing our student leadership?
  • Who’s here next year?
  • How can we prepare them so they can be ready for ministry?

4 W's.

  • Who did we try to minister to?
  • What were our successes?
  • Where could we improve?
  • Why did we have success or failure?

Dids & Hows

  • Did we plan well?
  • How can we plan better?
  • Did we have events that were too expensive?
  • How well did we involve students in our ministry?
  • Did we involve parents?
  • How can we target the groups better?
  • Did we get to any retreats, conferences, or projects?
  • How can we be more effective?
  • Did we minister to all the ethnic groups?
  • How can we reach the more groups?
  • Did we enable our people to be disciples?
  • How can we reach out creatively or radically?
  • Did we encourage and equip our students to lead?
  • Did we pray???

Did we P.U.S.H. ?

Pray Until Something Happens

Did we adopt our campus thru the Coaching Center and get free START booklet?

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