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Jesus: Who was He?

"JESUS: WHO WAS HE?" is a four-lesson study on the life of Jesus. Each lesson looks at a different perspective of who Jesus was. The first lesson is based on the contemporaries of Jesus and their view of Him. The second lesson deals with Jesus' view of Himself. Lesson three installation deals with the evidence behind Jesus' claims. The final lesson asks the question, "Why did Jesus come and die on the cross?" At the end of the four lessons you should understand who Jesus really was.

  1. Who do They Say Jesus Is?

    This brief study involves just five scripture verses. Through these scriptures we delve into what Jesus' contemporaries thought about Him.

  2. Who Does Jesus Say He Is?

    Many people claim that Jesus was a good teacher. Some may go as far as saying He was a prophet. This is a quick look at how Jesus viewed himself.

  3. Does Jesus' Power Prove His Claim?

    Michael Jordan proved he was one of the greatest basketball players of all time by his work on the court. Jesus proved who He was by what He did in life. The focus of this lesson is Jesus' miracles, which are the evidence behind Jesus' claim of authority.

  4. Why, Jesus, Why?

    If Jesus was who He claimed to be, then what was the purpose for dying on a cross? This lesson focuses on the reason Jesus came and died.

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